Program/ Project Management

Project management and analysis are two integral components of successful businesses. Project management involves setting a goal and organizing tasks to achieve the desired outcome, while analysis consists of reviewing available data to make informed decisions about operations.
Together, these skills help companies better understand their current situation and develop the strategies needed to reach new heights. It is a vital practice for organizations that want to remain competitive in their industries and efficiently allocate resources while focusing on achieving their goals. By combining project management and analysis, Bomani Solutions can provide your businesses an efficient plan of action that will guide you through every stage of progress.
Small companies find challenges with resources to bring on full time project or program managers. Bringing on consultants that are subject matter experts to support a specific external project or within your organizational structure is an extremely cost effective method to meeting company and project goals. Assisting your company in filling these critical gaps to provide:
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Impartial reviews or audits
  • Overcoming obstacles or challenges to meeting your goals
  • Concept and project planning
  • Aiding organizational restructure
  • Pacing emerging trends and technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration management
  • Action Item Tracking/Management
  • Earned Value Management

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We provide a wide range of consulting services to small businesses in the areas of recruiting and staffing, establishing organizational structures, initial set up of office processes, project planning and scheduling, procurement, material management/ accounting, and improving processes or performance.


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